Traveling to Jordan: Clichés

2427473713_93715603c4_b5 Clichés about Traveling to Jordan You Should Avoid

When traveling to Jordan, you’ve probably heard many clichés about the area and its people, most of which are probably false. It’s best not to travel to Jordan until these clichés and misconceptions have been cleared up. Despite what many believe, the people of Jordan are very respectable, honest, decent and courteous people.

Jordan is a city for romance

If you’re looking for a vacation where you and your spouse will get to hang out cuddling or kissing on the streets, Jordan isn’t the place for you. Under Jordan’s social terms, public displays of affection, even when married, aren’t acceptable. If you walk around touching and kissing one another, you’re going to get some stares and dirty looks.

The locals aren’t friendly

The people of Jordan are actually quite friendly. Be prepared to be stopped and asked questions as you walk through town, simply for the fact they are interested in you. Some of the questions may seem a little bold or out of place, but they aren’t doing it to harass or insult you. They are simply interested in learning more. If they ask you about political issues or how many children you have, they aren’t trying to embarrass you.

There aren’t any regards for personal space

In Jordan, personal space is viewed differently than in Western countries. Although you may not be used to having people constantly crowd around you or having random people come up to talk with you, this is normal when you travel to Jordan. Simply put, personal space in Jordan doesn’t exist. If you’re sitting by yourself, expect someone to come up and talk to you. If there’s a couple feet of free space in front of you, expect someone to stand there.

It’s ok to turn down invites

Since the people of Jordan are so friendly, chances are you’re going to be invited somewhere. You may be tempted to say no, but you need to understand invitations and hospitality are taken quite seriously. If you turn down an invitation in the wrong way, you’re going to insult them. Handle the situation delicately if you’d like to turn down the invitation because it’s really taken to heart.

You can avoid social interactions

The people of Jordan are very social, which can be shocking to Westerners. A lot goes into the social relationships, which isn’t so common in Western countries. Don’t be scared or offended if you’re kissed on the cheek, hugged, squeezed or talked to constantly. Don’t be rude, be just as warm and welcoming, even if you’re not used to the large social interaction.

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