Portugal Beach Resorts

Portugal Beach Resorts Exhibit Distinct Allure

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Portugal beach resorts may not have the “star quality” of places like Cannes or St. Tropez, but they have a distinct allure and and captivating flavor that keeps some regulars returning year after year to experience their delights.  There are four main areas along Portugal’s varied coastline that are cited by visitors for special appeal.

In the north, you will find plenty of attractions, both on the water and further inland amid the vineyards and farms.  Portugal is a land where you take delight in sensory experiences, find unspoiled vistas, take leisurely drives through the countryside, enjoy quiet lunches and go fishing both in the ocean and in remote streams and rivers.  Family-friendly beachfront resorts offer pools and activities for lazy days by the water, and are also conveniently located to allow quick access to the surfing beaches as well as the rural settlements and markets along this area, which reaches all the way north to the Spanish border.  Horseback riding, along the beach, and in the surrounding hills, is also a favored pastime, and lets you learn some of the country’s equestrian traditions.

Trekking in the Algarve is a popular pursuit for many visitors, and the relatively recent development of beach resorts just adds another dimension to a holiday in this unspoiled area.  The Vincentina Coast National Park allows a visitor to experience local trails used by generations of fishermen and farmers.  In this area, it is the sea that nourishes life, and the preserve maintains that relationship, allowing trekkers to experience the variety of marine life, seabirds and vegetation up close and personal.  Winding paths are always close to the sea, and the trails extend more than 340 km.

After a trek, you can always retire to the peace and comfort of a nearby Portugal beach resort for a pampered rest, and enjoy another aspect of a special vacation experience.

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