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Some Lesser Known Landmarks To Discover On Egypt Tours

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Egypt is without question a place that is steeped in history and old world mystique. With so many potential sights to see, there is little doubt that your Egypt tours will be an experience that will be long remembered. Here, we take a little look at some of the less known landmarks, icons and sights to discover while on your tours to Egypt.

Why not plan to visit the following:

The Catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqafa – By no means the first entry on most planned Egypt travel schedules, these marvellous Catacombs are a maze of scattered underground tunnels that are certainly worth a visit. Exploring them is certainly an awakening experience, as winding stairs lead you into the heart of the underground maze which uncover hints of Roman, Egyptian and Greek architecture. There are about 300 tombs inside, making it a very significant attraction, even if it is one that doesn’t get the headlines.

Dendera. Perhaps the biggest attraction here is the ancient temple which has been almost perfectly preserved despite dating back to first century BC. Dendera is a maze of tombs, temples and interestingly even hosts a Christian church building. If you happen to visit Luxor on your Egypt tours, Dendera can make for a nice day trip.

Abydos. Boasting the quite splendid ancient Egyptian temple of Seti I, this wonderful monument is a great example of ancient Egyptian architecture. Abydos is also reachable from Luxor.

Underground Library of Alexandria. Buried under the old ruins of Serapeum, this splendid underground library is a maze of tunnels and musty rooms and makes for a very interesting attraction indeed.


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