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Egypt Tours & Israel Tours

Israel and Egypt offer some sensational sights & iconic landmarks for the traveler. Here, we look at some dreamy photos taken from both these beautiful destinations. We start with beautiful Egypt, which boasts landmarks like the Sphinx, the Pyramids, Al Azhar Park and Philae to name but a few sights.

Egypt Tours Photography

Egypt Tours - Egypt Pyramids Night

The Pyramids (above) are of course a vintage tourist attraction when exploring Egypt and Cairo. Above, a great photograph of the Pyramids, lit at night time – a sight few people see, and few images cover. The Pyramids are where tombs of ancient Egyptian Kings are housed.- Not only are they very old, but hefty too – the Pyramid of Giza weights a lofty 6.5 million tons.

Egypt Tours - Egypt Isis Island Philae

Philae (pictured above) is believed to be the most southern part of Egypt. It is a small island that lies in the reservoir of the Aswan Low Dam, and was thought to be founded between 380 and 362 AD, and subsequently abandoned in 6th Century AD.

Egypt Tours - Egypt Al Azhar Park

Al-Azhar Park in Cairo is a park which has been noted by the Public Spaces Project as being one of the sixty best public places world wide. The park is both beautiful, lush and quite huge stretching out over 74 acres and offers some sensational vistas onto the city. It stands out as one of the greenest and most picturesque areas within Cairo and is certainly worth a visit on any Egypt tours of the capital.

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Next we look at some beautiful photography from tours to Israel.

Israel Tours Photography

Israel Tours - The Western Wall

The Western Wall (above) is an integral part of the Temple Mount Plaza. It is also known as Kotel and is situated in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Wall was part of the incredible structure, built by Herod the great, and the entire Plaza area covered over 1.5 million square foot. The site is one of the most religiously significant anywhere in the country, if not the world.

Israel Tours - Dead Sea

The Dead Sea (above) is not only the lowest place on Earth, but also serves as natures most effective health spa. The Dead Sea is about 400 metres below sea level, and the water within it has the highest salt concentration to be found anywhere on earth. The reason for it’s rather doom filled name is that the high salt concentration makes it impossible for marine life to exist – it is however an incredible place to visit.

Israel Tours Yarkon Park

Yarkon Park (above) is situated just moments from the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv. The Park is built around the serene Yarkon River and is hundreds of acres large. Be sure to venture to the east of the park where you’ll find some delightful places to explore, including the Rock & Tropical gardens.

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