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Egypt really is a splendid travel destination – from sensational, old world monuments and landmarks (and not just the Pyramids) to an interesting Middle East culture, your Egypt tours will certainly be ones you will not soon forget.

Recently, we wrote a few featured blog posts about travel in Egypt – including some perhaps less trumpeted destinations like Fayoum and Abu Simbel as just a couple of the featured travel spots. There are also more interesting mentions about Egypt travel in this post about tours to the Middle East.

If you like the idea of a fun video, head to our YouTube channel and switch on our video presentation on Egypt Travels. You can also find a lot of nice photography on Egypt, taken from various tours of the Middle East on our official Pinterest Page. There is also a fetching and rather inspirational collection of Egypt Travel Photos from a recent Isram blog post that really should not be missed. These images include photos taken from Cairo, Luxor and the Nile, as well as others.

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